Bubbling under: I don't like Mondays (Boomtown Rats)

Bob Geldof will of course always be remembered by the various concerts he has arranged to help the poor in the Third World. It would not be fair though to forget that he was a great pop/rock musician in his own right as lead singer of the Irish band Boomtown Rats (image credit). With a sound that flirted a bit with the punk movement, but still far too musical to be ranked under that category, their main claim to fame is the 1979 song I don't like Mondays. It is based on 17 year old Brenda Spencer from San Diego who shot 11 people, killing two of them. When asked why, she replied with, "I Don't Like Mondays, and I thought this would brighten up the day." The single went to the #1 spot in the UK, but burned out quickly in the USA where the subject was probably too close to home for comfort.


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