14. San Jacinto - live (Peter Gabriel)

Peter Gabriel (image credit), was excellent as lead singer of Genesis, and just as fascinating throughout his subsequent solo career. He is also responsible for my favourite live album, the magnificent Peter Gabriel Plays Live from 1983. Although in general I prefer the perfection of studio recordings, this live album contains three songs that are superior over their original album versions, including San Jacinto. This mesmerizing song is about the continuous threat to the native American culture, where many try to become what the 'white man' thinks they should be like. Only a few 'hold the line', and gather their mystical forces to maintain their own cultural identity. Originally released on the fourth Peter Gabriel album, the studio version would be worthy of inclusion in this countdown, but the live version is the best he has ever done.

Other songs by this act that would have qualified: Don't give up (with Kate Bush), Wallflower, Biko, The rhythm of the heat (live), Family snapshot (live), Blood of Eden, Mercy Street, Suzanne, Here comes the flood.


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