27. Niniane - Lady of the lake (Kayak)

The legend of Merlin became the subject of two albums by the Dutch prog rock group Kayak (image credit). The first album from 1981, entitled Merlin, dedicated one side to this subject, the later album from 2003 (Merlin - Bard of the Unseen) took the original five songs, and added seven more. The crowning moment of the original suite, yes of Kayaks full repertoire, is the closing ballad Niniane (Lady of the lake), which for me is one of the most beautiful ballads in the world of prog rock. The music by Ton Scherpenzeel and the lyrics by his wife Irene Linders blend in perfect harmony. I have a slight preference for the original version, although the remake is frankly just as good.

Other songs by this act that would have qualified: Merlin, Starlight dancer, Anne, Tintagel, The sword in the stone, The king's enchanter, Dead bird flies forever, Icarus, Chance for a lifetime.


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