30. Bedshaped (Keane)

Easily the best debut album of the century so far is the 2004 album Hopes and fears by Keane (image credit). Beautiful melodic songs, such as the hit single Somewhere only we know. The best song of the album, yes, the best song of the year, was also released as a single: Bedshaped. Musically, a little more complex than most of their songs, and an amazing accomplishment for a young group. Especially the start of the instrumental section, where for a few seconds an Enya like new age atmosphere is created, which quickly gives away to powerful synthesizer magic. The lyrics are, well, interesting. Somehow I don't think that my wife would regard a line like "bedshaped with legs of stone" as a compliment...

Other songs by this act that would have qualified: not applicable.


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