41. Hou me vast (Volumia!)

The crowning achievement for the Dutch band Volumia! (image credit) was their third single, released in 1999: Hou me vast (Hold me tight). One of the best songs ever recorded in the Dutch language. Rich instrumentation right from the opening, a beautiful melody and lovely lyrics (granted, for those who understand Dutch). This love song easily transcends language boundaries: both my Shanghainese wife and my Singapore ex-colleagues love it! It was also one of the songs we played at our wedding in 2000. After three fantastic singles, the first self-titled Volumia! album was awaited with much anticipation. Unfortunately, the level of the other songs on this album was disappointing and two follow-up albums before their split-up (Wakker, Puur) did not include any interesting songs. The mind boggles sometimes how quickly creative forces can fizzle out.

Other songs by this act that would have qualified: Afscheid.


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