59. Jeder's manchmol einsam (Wolfgang Niedecken)

One of the finds of recent years for me is the 1996 album Leopardefell by Wolfgang Niedecken (image credit). Seventeen covers of Bob Dylan songs, translated into German, or to be more precise, into Koellsch, the dialect of the city of Cologne. Niedecken is the singer of BAP, one of my favourite German bands, who have featured in this list at #71. He achieves the impossible on this album: he makes you forget that these are Dylan songs (even though he takes some of the most famous ones like A hard rain's a gonna fall and Mighty Quinn) and makes them sound like his own work. Absolutely brilliant is his version of It's all over now, baby blue, which translated becomes Jeder's manchmol einsam, net nur du. Sandwiched between some of the best sax playing this side of Baker Street, this sensitive ballad unfolds to great effect.

Other songs by this act that would have qualified: not applicable.

No YouTube link as there is none available, a short sample is available on Amazon.

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