78. Tian tang (Tenggeer)

Who? Granted, most of the Dutch, German and French artists in my list will be unfamiliar to those from Anglo-American countries, but this singer will be unknown to almost everyone outside China. Tenggeer (or Tengger, image credit unknown) is a highly successful Chinese folkrock singer and movie star. He hails from Inner Mongolia, and in his music he uses images as well as folk tunes from that remote and rural part of China. The first time I heard the 1997 seven minutes song Tian Tang (Paradise), in a CD shop in Shanghai, it blew me away. When I asked my wife whether she knew him, I found out it is actually one of her favourite songs as well. Repeated listening has only strengthened my appreciation. This is music that deserves a far wider listening than it unfortunately will get.

Other songs by this act that would have qualified: not applicable.


Note: the album version is not available on YouTube, I link to a live rendition.

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