72. Miss Sarajevo (Passengers)

The 1995 song Miss Sarajevo featured one of the more unlikely combinations of the nineties - or any decade for that matter. Members of one of the world's most successful rock bands, U2, recording as the band the Passengers, with Luciano Pavarotti, larger than life opera star as guest star (image credit). Add production by Brian Eno, and something special emerges. Combinations like this usually do not work - Barcelona (Mercury with Montserrat) and Perhaps love (Denver and Domingo) come to mind as failed examples. However, the Passengers pull it off. Bono delivers the simple yet haunting melody in a more restrained fashion than usually with U2, and the moment that Luciano Pavarotti enters the scene is one of the most memorable 'musicules' in the history of pop and rock music. Breathtaking.

Other songs by this act that would have qualified: not applicable.


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