90. Broken bicycles/Junk (Anne-Sofie von Otter and Elvis Costello)

At first sight, a strange combination. Acclaimed classical music mezzo-soprano Anne-Sofie von Otter and singer/song writer Elvis Costello (image credit) teamed up for the 2001 CD For the stars. Upon further reflection though, von Otter, although rightly famous for interpretations of songs by Berlioz and Mahler and the like, had shown in her CD of Kurt Weill songs that she can handle lighter material, whilst Costello had already ventured successfully into the classical cross-over genre in his cooperation with the Brodsky Quartet. Anyway, the result is fantastic, an album of consistently high quality with one absolute highlight: the cunning amalgamation of Tom Waits' Broken bicycles and Paul McCartney's Junk - you would swear that this is one single song!

Other songs by this act that would have qualified: not applicable.


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