84. Belfast child (Simple Minds)

The Simple Minds (image credit) scored a string of fine albums in the early eighties, but they failed to have a song that has that indefinable bit extra. The mega-hit Don't you (forget about me) could have been the clincher, but somehow they missed the boat artistically on that one in my opinion. Near the end of the decade, they finally managed to get their undisputed classic with the impressive rock ballad Belfast child. Based on the old Irish folksong She moved through the fair, recorded for instance by Loreena McKennit, this is one of a number of classics inspired by the tragic situation in Northern Ireland ("and the war is raging in this Emerald isle"). It does end on a more hopeful note though ("The streets are empty, life goes on - One day we'll return here, when the Belfast Child sings again").

Other songs by this act that would have qualified: not applicable.


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