Countdown to ecstasy

This blog replaces my earlier attempt to collect my favourite songs from five decades. The coming months we will have a countdown from 100 to 1 of my favourite songs over the period 1960-2010, including pop, rock and ballads. Jazz and classical music are excluded, and for borderline cases between the genres, I have made a judgement call. In preparing this ranked list, I have decided to use the following restrictions:

[1] no act appears in the list more than once. To compensate for this, I will include the other songs of that act (if any) that are good enough to make this list on their own right;
[2] incidental co-operations of two acts will not make the list if these acts themselves are already slated for a higher position;
[3] covers that are great but not as good as the original will not make the list if the original does not make it (because that act has an even better song).

Many of these songs, but not all, will be familiar to many - I strive to include links to YouTube though wherever possible. There will be 2-3 songs posted per week, aiming to finish off the countdown by year end. Reactions can be given on Facebook, where I will post links to these blog entries.

Image credit for the figure from which I constructed the blog's header: here.

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