99. Une fille aux yeux clairs (Michel Sardou)

As a consequence of our move in 2002 from Singapore to Rouen, I started to pay more attention to French music. Unfortunately, I did not discover many exciting new artists, but I did start to re-appreciate some that I knew back in the seventies and eighties. Michel Sardou (image credit) is a good example: one of the most popular French male chansoniers of all time, and without doubt the best-selling. He sold tens of millions of albums and had a string of over 25 consecutive hit singles in France, including good songs like Les lacs du Connemara, La vieille and Le France. The best of those hits is the lovely ballad Une fille aux yeux claires (A girl with bright eyes). Against a dominating organ accompaniment, Sardou reminisces about his mother, and how he only realised from pictures that she once was young and beautiful as well.

Other songs by this act that would have qualified: not applicable.


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