93. Zhi shao hai you ni (Sandy Lam)

This is one of those unknown gems that I have my wife to thank for. Together with Faye Wong, Sandy Lam (image credit) is one of the best-loved mandarin pop singers. Overall, Faye Wong is more adventurous in her choice of repertoire, but this beautiful love song from 2000 (the tile's translation is At least I still have you) from her 2000 album Sandy's is better than anything Faye produced in my opinion. The almost too sweet lyrics (sample in translation: "I'm afraid that there's not enough time, I wanna hold you until I feel that your wrinkles show signs of aging , until I'm sure that you're real, until I've lost all my energy - I'm willing to, because of you") are encompassed in a beautiful melody with great piano playing and a well-judged guitar solo gives some beef to the song as well.

Other songs by this act that would have qualified: not applicable.


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